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Sunday, 11 October 2009

New antenna from G3CWI

Richard G3CWI has produced a new addition to his range of antennas over at SOTABeams. Called the MFD this 2m Multi Function Dipole can be used as a stand alone vertical, a rucksack antenna or a horizontal dipole. It collapses down for easy carrying and storage. While I will not be rushing to buy one from Richard it is probably a good bet for those without the inclination or skill to build a similar one. I can vouch for one thing, that it works and does what it says on the tin having worked Richard when he was using it in Lakeland. If you want one get in quick and you can have one for only £19.95 plus postage which has to be a bargain. This is an opening offer for the first ten only. Please mention you saw it here first.

Read G4ILO's first impressions of the MFD here

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