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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

FCC doing their job

According to ARRL news a Californian company has been fined $4000 after the FCC received complaints that a concrete delivery company was using the two metre amateur radio band. Inspection of various Motorola model CP200 portable transceivers that were being used to coordinate construction operations showed that channel five had been set on 146.025 mHz which is in the US amateur radio allocation. Shimmick-Obayashi a joint venture of Shimmick Construction Inc and Obayashi Corporation held four Industrial Radio Service licenses between them but chose to encroach on the amateur band rather than acquiring a further licence. The joint venture held no licence its self.

In a unrelated and somewhat older incident I read that a Glider club which complained of interference was fined $9000 when it was found their licence expired in 2004. That reminds me of the parable of a splinter in your brother's eye, and how removing the log in yours first is a good idea.

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