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Sunday, 11 October 2009

D-Star Repeater live on the web

Over at the South Yorkshire Repeater Group they now have a D-Star repeater GB7YD broadcasting live on the web. A web cam monitors the front of the C transponder on 145.675 so you can see the signals being received as well as hear them. It is all done via Ustream. I don't know how many people have D-Star in Yorkshire but I still have to hear anyone using it and I listened five hours straight a day or two ago. I do know it is working as I have heard the occasional service announcement and seen the odd remote connect, which I assume is some form of message forwarding (don't know much about it). It could be interesting if you have D-Star as a way to monitor what you sound like on the air or just to waste a couple of hour listening when you have no access to your radio transceivers.

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  1. Hi your tag should read GB7YD. There is no such D-STAR repeater as GB3YD