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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Digital TV - The Chaos and the Cons

Some time ago the vested interest groups decided it would be a really big money spinner to move all TV in the UK to a digital platform and so started the cons. First we were told we would need a new TV and then when the truth was publicised in the newspapers and people realised they could get digital with a cheap set top box the advertisements were changed to say "You may need a new aerial" and all over the country antenna installers rubbed their hands. Anyone who asked was told they needed a new expensive digital aerial when for many a simple indoor loop was good enough. There are but a few days until the full switch over on November 4th but the lies still persist with the elderly being most at risk of being conned into buying a new digital TV and spending £500 on an antenna that cost the installer £10.

One of the early UK areas to experience the turn off of the analogue signals is Devon and Cornwall and holes are starting to emerge in the digital system. During periods of only lightly enhanced propagation viewers are losing their local BBC 1, 2 and ITV channels swamped with signals from Welsh digital TV repeaters. Viewers report watching a program in English only for it to switch to Welsh and back again. Sometimes the switch is a brief flicker for a few seconds and at other times they see segments of a couple of minutes at a time. Even when both English and Welsh stations are transmitting the same program there is a slight time difference which gives an effect similar to a scratched record jumping back and forwards. I think the first good lift after the switchover will see similar problems nationwide. I am glad I invested in Sky satellite TV along time ago.

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