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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rare DX from Midway Island

Don Keith N4KC points out in his blog an interesting DX pedition to the Island of Midway which played such a pivotal part in the battle for the Pacific in 1942. Naval history was made here as Don will testify as he has written several books on about the exploits of U.S. submarines in the Pacific during World War II. Read Don's post Radio waves from hallowed ground and learn how one commander won a submarine in a poker game.

K4M will be active from 9th - 19th October 2009 from Sand Island (Reference numbers: USI OI-011S and Grid AL18). A multi-national team of 18 operators consisting of Joe AA4NN, Franz DJ9ZB, Max I8NHJ, Kevin K6TD, Kimo KH7U, Craig K9CT, Don N1DG, Tom ND2T, Paul N4PN, Tom N4XP, Arnold N6HC, John N7CQQ, Dave WB4JTT, Charlie W6KK, Bruce W6OSP, Art WA7NB, Joe W8GEX and James 9V1YC will be active from 160 to 6 metres with 5 to 6 stations on air.

For more details, updates, online log, frequencies and bios, go to: http://www.midway2009.com

This is the first amateur radio activity in almost 10 years and Midway Island ranks number 24 world-wide and number 13 in Europe on the DX Magazine’s 'Most Wanted List'.

Ham radio operators on the aircraft carrier USS Midway Museum's flight deck plan to make radio contact this week with radio operators on Midway Island. Veterans, including those who took part in the Battle of Midway, and the general public are invited to observe the transmissions from 2 to 4:30 pm Friday and Oct. 17 at the museum in San Diago.

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