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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

eBay anger management

eBay and other sale sites can be good for a laugh at times. I laugh at people who try to sell 20 year old amateur radio transceivers for more than they cost new, I laugh at the idiots who pay more for a twenty year old radio than it was new, I laugh at main dealers who charge more on eBay than they do from their own sites on the net (got to recover those eBay fees), I laugh at the weird stuff and junk that people think is worth something, I laugh at the buyer collects people getting nothing like what they should for their items, but most of all I laugh at the angry seller.

Who is the angry seller? you ask. It is this guy...

There is 22 watcher and no bidders !!!---- if there is no bidding within the last few days of the sale i will remove and sell it for scrap.

Like anyone gives a monkey's if he sells it or not. Anger management classes anyone?

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this sort of thing. Don't these idiots understand that most eBay bidders leave it until the very last second to bid on anything or that even if you a selling something nobody wants you can still get a load of people watching who simply want to know if it is worth trying to sell a similar item that they have.

In this case the guy was selling some aluminium mast poles and was a fairly local 'buyer collects' so I might have been interested if he had said how big the poles were instead of "You will need a big van." He obviously does not own a tape measure.

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