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Sunday, 25 October 2009

In defence of untidy minds

I was talking to my friend Joe G7KDZ via Skype today, while up-loading files to a new Yahoo group formed for the members of Mold and District Amateur Radio Club and working various Summits on the Air stations. Who says men cannot multi-tasks? Ah! That would be my wife Helen GW7AAU! Well, Joe eventually says he has to go and tidy the shack, he has been told in no uncertain terms by his YL Bernice that the mess is unacceptable. The source of the name Bernice is the Greek Berenike, a Greek meaning "Bringer of victory", so I figure poor Joe is on a hiding to nothing. I need to give him some ammo to defend a mans right to run his shack the way he wants.

This is roughly what I sent Joe...
People who keep things tidy tend to do so as a result of linear thinking, linear thinkers are logical and make great accountants but have no imagination. People who are untidy tend to have untidy minds and untidy minds have the ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated things and are therefore inventive and creative. Therefore as a creative and inventive person it is in our nature to be untidy and forcing us to be tidy would impede our creativity.
Helen was having none of it, she says I am just lazy, I will wait to see how Joe gets on.

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