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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Antarctica is very cool

Heard on the air an M3 foundation licence holder in conversation with an M1 full licence holder who had been on the air for a couple of years.
M3 "So wots yer best DX then?"
M1 " ZL is the furthest"
M3 "Where's that then?"
M1 "New Zealand"
M3 "Wow! Any other good ones?"
M1 "I managed to work Antarctica once, got in before the pile-up started"
M3 "Antarctica! Cool!"
M1 " Yes Antarctica is very cool or so I am lead to believe."
A long pause and then... M3 "HAHA very funny!"
Another pause and then... M3 roaring with laughter "I get it now."
The familiar voice of a G1 then broke in with "God help us!"

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