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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Truth Must Be Supressed

"Why won't my 65 watt rig work with a 10 amp power supply?"
"What is Ohms law?"
"How far can I get on a handheld?"
"Will my magmount work better on a my radiator or a biscuit tin?"
...and so they go on, stupid questions from supposedly licensed radio amateurs.

I was until a few days ago a subscriber to a certain ham radio group on Facebook. One too many bloody stupid questions prompted me to post something like...

"Why are there so many dumb questions from so called licensed radio amateurs posted on here and other amateur radio forums? These question are often ones where the answer would be known by anyone who has passed an amateur radio licence exam. It seems to me that either these people are just complete pirates or they at least had someone else sit the exam for them. Come on guys for the sake of not appearing dumb please learn to use Google."

As a result I got kicked of the Ham Radio Operators Facebook Group by someone called Chip Iley presumably because he can't handle the truth. Maybe it was too close to home. Oh how I laughed. What a tosser. He did send a message telling me why I was banned but I could not read it, because I was banned. Duh! Such a pity, I had ten likes in the two minutes the post was up and I was looking forward to the fun and the indignant replies.   

Answers to above questions:

It will if you turn down the power.
There is no place like Ohm. Click your heels and turn around three times.
A hell of a long way on a good day from the top of a mountain.
Who cares? Get a real antenna, outside up a pole above the roof line at least.