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Friday, 24 July 2009

Radar Wars - Going for gold

Picked up from the blog of Waters and Stanton...

Advertisements for SBS virtual radar have been claiming that it has been awarded a “Gold Medal.” What gold medal and who awarded it? we ask. It seems the distributors made up the award and then awarded themselves the gold medal. This has done nothing to enhance their reputation and everything to boost sales of the rival RadarBox, which by the way is stocked by Waters and Stanton (no conflict of interest in highlighting it on their blog then!). It all reminds me of a young child who bought a set of gold stars to enhance his homework hoping his mother and father would take them at face value and not read what he had written and that the teacher would not notice what he was up to. Wrong!

For those who do not know these products allow you to see on your computer what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time. Flight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading and speed are all updated every second. Personally I cannot see the attraction but lots of people do and it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing. I am just going off to check my collection of unusual house numbers!

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