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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Firstly may I wish the ten German radio hams who will be on the air from the Isle of Man between July 8th and 13th the best of luck. MD/DK1SG, MD/DG7SF, MD/DH1SBB, MD/DG1SBU, MD/DG3SHD, MD/DG5SBK, MD/DL1SPH, MD/DL8SAD, MD/DC5SAN and MD/DL6SBN will be active on SSB/CW/RTTY and PSK on 160m-10m. I will endeavour to work the ‘DXpedition’ on as many bands as I can. I am sure that they will have a great time.

I have in the past worked other similar excuses to drink lots of beer and play radio, such as the one a few years ago by the Wrexham ARS with good friend Steve MW1STE, once a regular on our late evening two metre Horlicks net. I supported the Furnace ARS on a similar visit and almost every year I try to work FARS member Rob G4RQJ as he actives the five SOTA summits on the Isle of Man, in fact he is there now. Another FARS member and someone I have spent many hours talking to is Martin GD3YUM who will be acting as QSL manager for the German visitors. I therefore have no problem with supporting people who wish to activate EU-116, but I do wonder what the locals think as there is no shortage of amateurs in GD. I also ask if there is really anyone out there who needs GD for DXCC? Still who cares? it is still a good excuse to drink beer, play radio, and have a good time and maybe this is training for something a bit more exotic?

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