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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hams miss chance to own a lighthouse

A Cornish beach and lighthouse, which is thought to be the inspiration for the Virginia Woolf novel, To The Lighthouse, has been sold. Although Woolf’s 1927 novel is set in the Hebrides, the author used her recollections from childhood as inspiration for her most famous novel. Auctioneers expected bids for the beach and the lighthouse to start at about £50,000, with money raised going to Truro’s Hall for Cornwall theatre. Five bidders slugged it out and it went to an anonymous buyer from London for £80,000.

What a great opportunity for an unusual holiday location for radio amateurs a lighthouse like this would make. A great take off over saltwater with a built in tower far enough from most of the electronic mush of an urbane shack and right on the beach to keep the kids quiet. I wonder who bought it and if they fancy renting it out?

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