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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Contests on VHF and above

G4LOH’s blog has an update on Es and Tropo as heard from his QTH in Helston Cornwall. I would just like to say that I heard no such exotic DX on 2m this far north. It could be that the hills get in the way or maybe the fact I was in work and not here to hear it.

I hope there some exotic propagation on Sunday for the fourth in the Backpackers 2m contest series. The contest runs for four hours (1100 -1500z) and is mostly SSB. I will miss most of it but hope there will still some stations to give some points to when I crawl out of bed after another 12-hour night shift.

The rules of the Backpackers have recently been revised and section 3B is SOTA friendly with no cars allowed. If you have an FT-817 and a small beam you can easily carve a name for yourself on the leader board by heading for the hills. Make it a SOTA summit and you will be able to drag in all the SOTA chasers as well as the contesters and boost your score. One of these days I will have a serious crack at it myself instead of just giving points away. Good luck to everyone and remember even if you know you cannot win it can be loads of fun taking part.

The RSGB 1.3GHz and 2.3GHz Activity Contest takes place this Tuesday 21 July between 1900 and 2130. I will be available for this one and I renew my plea for more contesters to call on 1297.5 FM as there are a few of us out here with only FM facilities on 23cms and we would like to give you points. Hopefully I can beat my previous best of three stations worked.

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