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Saturday, 11 July 2009

GB7HQ - Another Mickey Mouse Award?

This weekend (11-12 July 2009) is the IARU HF World Championship contest which will have the contesters enjoying themselves, while the rest of us either search for that elusive rare DXCC or just turn off and go and do some gardening. For those not all that interested in the contest its self and looking for a challenge there are some awards out there that can be picked up during the event. One such is the GB7HQ Award run by the RSGB and is available to any licensed radio amateur who makes contacts with GB7HQ during the contest. The station will be active on CW & SSB on six HF bands and this year from two DXCC entities G (England) and GM (Scotland). There are four levels of award: Bronze award: GB7HQ on three band/modes, Silver award: GB7HQ on six band/modes, Gold award: GB7HQ on nine band/modes, Platinum award: GB7HQ on all twelve band/modes.

Okay I know I am being cynical here but as radio amateurs are we not slaves to the whim of nature that is propagation? What is the chance of getting the Platinum award unless you drive down to the contest site, park around the corner and work them on ground wave or you just happen to live within say ten miles? Okay I must be wrong because I have seen the previous award winners, but I am sure you know what I mean. The chances of inter-G propagation just when you need it are slim,but hopefully having two stations to pick from will increase the chances of working more bands.

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  1. > What is the chance of getting the Platinum award

    Two people did all 12 yesterday from the G6UW club shack just outside Cambridge. (I wasn't one of them).

    Martyn M1MAJ