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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Where's Waldo?

From Amateur Radio Newsline...

Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory have lost a bright yellow submersible research robot somewhere in the Gulf waters off Venice, Florida. The sea going remote control research device from laboratory in Sarasota has been missing since Monday, August 31st. Scientists aren't sure what happened to the robot, which is nicknamed Waldo. Some think that it might have sprung a leak or suffered a malfunction and sunk. Others believe that It also could be on the surface, but its communication beacon or E-L-T has malfunctioned and that it cannot signal its location. Waldo the sea going robot is 6-foot-long, weighs about 115 pounds, has short wings midway up its cylindrical body and cost about $100,000. He was also equipped with a detector to find a toxic algae bloom called red tide that was valued at another $30,000. If you live along the Gulf Coast and see something bright yellow strange floating off shore, that could be the missing robot.

Well if they will call the thing Waldo then what do they expect? Was it last spotted hiding in a crowd of Waldo look alikes in Seaworld and wearing a stripy sweater? Could this be a case of real life mirroring fiction as in 5 alive or maybe he is looking for a big shiny submarine that took his fancy?
Note: 'Where's Waldo?' is 'Where's Wally?' outside the USA and Canada although my kids have both variations of Martin Hanford's books.

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