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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cruel or Funny you decide

This hilarious video must have taken quite a bit of work. It is probably more humorous to those of us who know the voices included. I do have two minds as to if I should be linking to it as I find it somewhat cruel and I suspect the person behind it is probably one of music playing jammers on the repeaters that the recordings have been made from such as the much abused GB3MM. The video appeared on YouTube courtesy of someone known as Rayfox62. Rayfox appears to be Raymond Ashworth 2E0RFX from Rochdale in Lancashire.

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  1. Hello Stephen,

    I can confirm that all the above details are correct, the above video was but together by myself and the soundtrack was done by 2e0rdu John Crosby a fellow radio ham and local DJ for Salford City Radio. I beleive that all participants in this recording were given prior notice of this mix before it was made public and one participant that requested his voice removed was taken off and replaced by another more willing participant.
    Neither John or myself condone mic keyers, music playing jammers or IQ0’s and neither John are myself would ever misuse a repeater or the airwaves themselves.

    The GB3MN Ballad was taken from a web site called The laughing policeman, I have no idea who did this one? But it was already public domain and on several other web sites, I just added the video for YouTube.

    I was recently forwarded anonymously by email, Garlic Bread a mix of music and the old garlic bread man IQ0 from various repeaters, but I choose not publish it due it coming to me by anonymous, who may well have been Garlic Bread himself and wanted some more fame?

    Hopefully the recordings won’t upset anyone and are just intended for a bit of entertainment on YouTube.

    Ray 2e0rfx/m0vgh