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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Where's the bloody QSL?

This announcement from Radiomagazin the Romanian Society of Radioamateurs tickled me....

"The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs will activate a special call, YR550BU, between 18th of September and 5th of October.

The callsign celebrates 550 years from the first written mention about Bucharest, capital city of Romania. Bucharest was mentioned by Vlad Tepes (a.k.a "Vlad - Dracul") in a donation receipe issued at 20th of September, 1459. Vlad Tepes is the character that inspired Bram Stoker's "Dracula".

Romanian Society of Radioamateurs will issue a special QSL card for this occasion.
The callsign will be active in HF bands from 80m to 10m. "

I can just imagine the scene "That was a great meal Vlad any chance of the recipe? and I love what you have done with the décor; where you get the heads on stakes idea?"


  1. LOL. Was a translation mistake... The correct word intended to be "bill"... But, is too late and your post is too funny to made the correction... :-D

  2. Another case of lost in translation! I thought so, but even if I had known for certain it was too good not to use. ;0)

    Steve GW7AAV Editor CQHQ