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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Technology Net Presentations

Similar but different to the Podcasts I mentioned in my last post are the Technology Net Presentations from Raytown Amateur Radio Club from Kansas US of A. Raytown ARC run a net on their repeater that’s gaining a big following. Every Friday evening a new technical subject is presented. They research and find a qualified person to deliver a presentation on subjects Hams find interesting. The weekly presentation is also documented on the clubs website. You can listen to a recording of the whole presentation and see a video outline of accompanying pictures, graphics or whatever will enhance the presentation.

Go to http://k0gq.com/technet.htm download the presentation and then follow along while listening to the mp3.

Subjects like Amateur Satellites, D-Star, and Propagation on VHS have been covered and a recent presentation comparing Echolink and IRLP had over 80 listeners. The latest presentation is “Working Amateur Satellites with your HT,” presented by Clint Bradford K6LCS.

The Technology net is on the Raytown Amateur Radio Club repeater (Kansas City area) at 8:00 pm Central on Friday nights 145.170(-) no PL tone. Or listen from anywhere else via the Internet on Echolink KØGQ-R node 403841. And we have the *MISSOURI* conference server node 452514 available for additional Echolink connections.

All sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

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