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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ofcom ignore the evidence

While the FCC is making an ass of them selves in the US, things are no better in the UK. Ofcom’s report on Power Line networking/ telecommunications (PLT) is described as "dismissive" and "inaccurate.” The RSGB has issued the following response to that statement:

The RSGB notes Ofcom's recent statement on PLT with alarm and concern.

The RSGB has been engaged with Ofcom on this matter now for several years and is surprised that it has made such a statement without proper consultation with affected parties beforehand.
The statement is dismissive of the issue, inaccurate in many respects and fails to respond to the recent formal, detailed, complaint submitted by the Society.

While the Society is pleased to hear that it will be consulted as part of the independent consultation that Ofcom intend undertaking, we feel that this can only delay matters further and will add little to the wealth of knowledge already available on the subject.
The Society will make a more detailed public response shortly.

Read the Ofcom Power Line Telecommunications statement here.

What on Earth do we need to do to get these people to remove their heads from the sand and take us seriously?

You may wish to visit http://www.ukqrm.org/ to find more about the threat to the amateur radio spectrum.

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