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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Spies still using Morse Code?

Found on Southgate ARC newsline ...

Morse Code Graffiti: Andy Talbot G4JNT has posted to the web a picture of Morse Code graffiti found by the River Hamble in Southern England.

His picture, taken at the Manor Farm Country Park in Hampshire, England, can be seen here

I looked at it and it says SASLHR, which could stand for Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) and London Heathrow (LHR). Then there are the words "Fair weather never a skillful sailor made" sprayed around the corner. A drunken mariner having some fun with a spray can? I think not. It has all the hallmarks of a dead letter box message. Whoever the assassin is meeting is due to arrive by Scandinavian Airline at London Heathrow but without being able to decipher the quote we don't know who the target is. The quote it's self is usually written as "Smooth seas (or a calm sea) never a skilful sailor made" so maybe the target has the initials FW and is a navy man.

Maybe I read to many spy novels, but it is fascinating and fun to speculate.

Update: Martin M1MAJ pointed out that the Morse says SASLOR but like they tell you in journalism school "Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story" or conspiracy theory for that matter.


  1. Oh well that's my theory out the window ;0)

  2. Hi,a little bit late but the graffiti in morse code says "SAILOR"

  3. The same phrase: "Fair weather never a skilful sailor made" and some Morse code is sprayed on a derelict concrete structure by Southampton water near Warsash in Hampshire. The structure is situated by the end of Hook Lake if anybody is desperate to take a look. Didn't pay too much attention to the Morse code to be honest, at the time I saw it (last week) I assumed it was done by a slightly worse-for-wear student from the nearby Warsash Maritime Academy!

  4. I'm an idiot who should read things thoroughly, I saw the "Manor Farm Country Park" bit and thought it was somewhere other than the area I was talking about as I've never heard of the area I was referring to being called that! I was starting to think this was some kind of conspiracy as well ha ha, hopes dashed :-)