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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Malaysian Facebook for hams

The Malaysian amateur radio website MYCallsign Network has been redesigned. The site a social network, a bit like Facebook for hams and controlled by 9W2KEL for the FOC.All ham radio operators worldwide are welcome to join. http://www.mycallsign.my/

I joined to say hello, send greetings to fellow hams and keep up with news from that part of the world. There was an issue with spam but that seems to have been sorted with some tightening of the site security, although it does mean you have to be registered to view it. I have had great fun with Google translate trying to read the posts. I wish them good luck with their site.

In other news from Malaysia; The Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society http://www.marts.org.my/ have a poll running that asks the question “Do 9W holders have to wait for at least a year to take the CW Test?” The results so far show that 60% of voters think they should wait a year. It seems a little unfair to me, if the operator can pass the test why should they have to wait? What does it achieve? Bearing in mind that numerous countries no longer see the necessity for CW as a pathway to the HF bands and that CW is more popular than ever, in those countries, I hope common sense prevails.

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