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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Icom IC-7410 HF/6M Base Station

Just in... Icom's replacement for the IC-7400 Amateur Radio Base Station. A bigger number but no two metres.

IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver, Coming Soon!

IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver, Coming Soon!
Icom are pleased to provide details of the forthcoming IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver. The new IC-7410 is aimed as a mid range rig for Amateurs who are looking to enjoy the HF bands.

The planned features of this model are as follows.

  • 100W HF+50MHz base station transceiver
  • All mode (AM / FM / SSB / CW / RTTY)
  • +30dBm IP3 class receiver circuitry (HF)
  • Standard 15kHz first IF filter, optional 6kHz/3kHz first IF filters (max. three filters total)
  • 36kHz IF 32 bit DSP, the same class as used in the IC-7600
  • 0.5ppm frequency stability
  • Built-in Antenna Tuner
  • USB interface for PC control and voice output
  • “Band edge beep alarm” helps users avoid off-band operation
  • Large B/W LCD screen, ergonomically designed controls
  • Integrated speech synthesizer
Further details and product availability about this model will be added to this site as soon as we have them.


  1. When I saw the price, I reacted by saying to myself..."that's not my mid range". I guess I'm just cheap!

  2. I have not seen a price quoted yet but I suspect it will be more than I want to pay. Bearing in mind how cheap consumer electronics has become it is hard to justify. When the IC-9100 hits the shops I think there will be some sharp intakes of breath at the price of that too. I might have to sell a few children to pay for one ;0)

  3. Don't sell your kids. Ham radio is great fun, but Kids, no matter what age are more fun.

  4. Wot no two metres!
    Is this an evil plot to make us buy the IC-9100?

    Happy new Year
    Tony G4IOQ