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Monday, 20 December 2010

RAYNET to the Rescue

RAYNET is the Amateur Radio Emergency Network in the UK. South Glamorgan RAYNET were involved in an emergency caused because many hospital staff could not get into work.

What follows is an Operational update from South Glamorgan RAYNET about what happened.

Heavy snow falls in the Cardiff area on 17th and overnight on the 18th December saw most roads in the county impassable. As reported in the local news, on 18th December the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) made a plea for help from any 4 x 4 owners to volunteer taking NHS staff into the hospital to work their shift.

On the 19th December South Glamorgan Group provided assistance to the NHS and Police with their 4x4 vehicles transporting staff to the University Hospital of Wales.

The South Glamorgan group, alongside a local rescue team CAVRA and the 4 x 4 owners club, did well with their support ferrying staff back and forward throughout the day.

Well done to all the South Glamorgan RAYNET members who were involved for a great job and to all the other volunteers who helped out. Without these volunteers operations would have been suspended and lives possibly put at risk.

Similar operations have been going on with other RAYNET groups up and down the country and with the bad weather predicted to last until February no doubt others will be called on in the near future.

This post is dedicated to the idiots who want to drive 4x4s off the road and those that think RAYNET should leave it to the professionals. Maybe the army could have helped if they were not in Afghanistan (7,800), Iraq (4,000), Balkans (850), Cyprus (3,300), Falkland Islands (1,300), Gibraltar (300), Germany (21,500) or Northern Ireland (1,500).

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