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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Olli, Olli, Olli

Well I ran about in the sun for a bit and gave the ten metre vertical a good dose of WD-40 and cleaned up the jointed sections with a nylon pan scrubber and got it nice and shiny and back in the air just in time to almost miss the opening. However I did have a nice long chat with Olli DH8BQA 59s both ways for a most of the QSO. Unfortunately all the action seemed to have dried up when I finished with him, so I had a look at his web site http://www.dh8bqa.de. Most of Olli's site is in German but he has English on the index page and on a page about his sequencer . It is a pity the rest of his site is not in English as he has a nice design for a single button voice keyer and a frequency display for when he uses the FT-817 to transvert on the microwave bands. You can of course use Google Translator to get an idea of what the German text says.

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