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Monday, 1 June 2009

Ham Radio in Star Trek

Demetre SV1ENS says on eHam "Did you guys notice the amateur radio mobile antennas installed in the USS Kelvin bridge in the new Star Trek movie ?

There were 3 of them, one was a Vhf/Uhf Diamond antenna, the other looked like a mobile scanner antenna, the third was indeed a mobile antenna but couldn't make out the type..."

I went to see the movie with my son Adam. As a long time fan I went prepared to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised. I was certainly concentrating more on the story and less on the script than some and didn't spot the antennas. I also didn't spot things other people noticed such as the Tribble in one scene and the words 'Inert Reactant' (What!) on the tubes that Scotty gets beamed in to. These were pointed out to me by Richard GW7NLZ.

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