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Thursday, 11 June 2009

EH Antennas

Do you fancy a vertical antenna for 80m that is only 6 feet tall?

The EH Antenna is a unique concept that allows the design of a high efficiency broad band antenna with physically small proportions. There has been much controversy over not only how well they work but how they work. The theories expounded by there inventor have been lambasted by others. I must admit to being a sceptic of anything that purports to being a magic antenna and the EH antenna fall neatly into that category. However unlike other magic antennas you can make your own very cheaply and then decide for yourself if they work. I first heard of EH antennas when one of our club members at Mold & District Amateur Radio Club Dave GW7MQE brought one to show us and it appeared to work okay, but don't think his experiments went any further than proving it seemed to work. The furore that accompanied the first appearance of these antennas seems to have died down, but they are being produce commercially so maybe there is still something in the design. You can read all about the theory at E.H.Antenna Systems and there are some construction ideas at W5CXC 's website. There is also a Yahoo EH Antenna Discussion Group

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