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Saturday, 27 June 2009

It's who you know!

From Southgate ARC news...

G0KYA's new amateur radio blog
Steve G0KYA, RadCom's propagation columnist and author, has launched a new blog devoted to amateur radio.
The blog already has 10 articles devoted to antennas, including magnetic loops, portable verticals and end-feds, plus articles on HF propagation, Marconi's work, radio heritage, 10 metres and much more.
Steve aims to add new features each month.
Your can view the blog at: http://www.g0kya.blogspot.com/

Which goes to prove it is who you know that gets you publicity.

No knocking Steve Nichols but there are a lot better and more often updated amateur radio blogs on the web that deserve to be plugged. Still he has some good stuff there so pay him a visit.

I said no knocking but one little niggle about Steve's profile; as a scientificly minded person I find the inclussion of 'Astrological Signs' and 'Zodiac Year' really really strange.

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