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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Embroidered SOTA patches

Diego EC1CW just received some custom embroidered SOTA patches. They are first quality patches, 3" x 3", with 100% of the surface embroidered in 4 colours, heat sealed iron-on backing and stitched border. There are two versions one with a yellow and one with a red border.

You can order from Diego by emailing him. His email is on QRZ.com. You may like to visit his blog here for information about his Summits on the Air adventures and other related amateur radio items.

You can also view many of Diego's SOTA activations on the video blog SOTA Television ,which is another CQHQ production. There are now over 375 videos to be viewed all to do with Summits on the Air and portable amateur radio operations.

Local SOTA activators - I have ordered a limited number of patches from Diego, which I will pass on at cost to you if you can see me in person. If there is demand I will see if I can get more.

Update: 27th January 2011 - Got my shipment of badges from Diego. The Spanish postal service must be much more efficient than the Royal Mail, that is all I can say. Thanks Diego.

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