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Saturday, 29 January 2011

23cms Activity Night in the North West UK

In another ham radio email I opened today was from Ross G6GVI. I quite often speak to Ross on 23cm or 4m when he is operating portable while walking on a Winter Hill. It is always a pleasure to chat to Ross with the added advantage that Winter Hill is a SOTA summit (G/SP-010) and while Ross is not a SOTA activator I can still claim the point if he happens to be walking within the activation zone at some point.

Ross's email was to tell me that Bolton Wireless Club are to hold a 23cm activity night on Monday. He says:

We have a few BWC members just getting going on this band, who would welcome the opportunity to make a few contacts outside the contest sessions, and experiment with beam-headings to exploit reflections over
difficult paths. A few of our members should be QRV from 8pm: first on SSB around 1296.2, and then on FM around 1297.5. We'll also be monitoring 2m SSB (around 144.175 &
.210) for talkback - please call in if you hear us.

BWC stations with 23cm include: G6GVI & G7ROM in Bolton; M0ICK in Wigan; G0MRL in Westhoughton; M0UFC in Manchester; G1SWH in Standish and G1SMI in Skelmersdale 

I intend to be operating from my home in North Wales during the FM portion of the evening and hope that others will also be encouraged to get on as well. I suspect that at least one other Welsh station will also be on. I wish the lads from Bolton Wireless Club every success and think it would be nice to see this turn into a regular thing.

While we are on the subject, can I encourage those contesting on 23cms to at least try a few minutes on FM. There are others like me who would love to work you but only have FM on this band. The same applies to both 70cms and 4m.

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