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Sunday, 11 July 2010

WFF Expedition to Kulsajsky Lakes

Maybe it is my warped sense of humour but when while perusing QRZ I saw ‘UN DX’ and my imagination went wild. Of course I knew that UN was the prefix for a station in Kazakhstan, but that did not stop me thinking of mounting an expedition to a local pub to work as many people from as short a distance as possible. I then visited the rather nice UN DX website and saw the magical words ‘UN News’. That was it, a vision of an un-news broadcast full of none news…

“Welcome to today’s un-news. Read to you by Adam Hall and Anne Dover.”
“Today in CQ town the grass continues to grow in Steve’s garden despite his best efforts to cut it.”
“An empty beer can in the High Street continues to fascinate next doors cat.”
“Playground remains mostly unused while children are in school.”
“Rumours of fish and chips for tea abound.”
“Town Council may have to have a meeting soon to discuss the lack of meetings recently”.
“Over to Anne with the details on the story about Steve’s grass.”

Okay daft bit over!

The reason I found myself on the UN DX website was they are publicising an expedition to the Kulsajsky National Park in Kazakhstan for WFF (World Flora and Fauna). The Almaty Radio Amateur League is organising to visit the Kulsajsky Lakes in the Almaty part of the National Park (UNFF-008) they will be using the call sign UP44Q. Andrey Kvochkov (UN8GU), Alexey Pomazkin (UN9GG) and Michael Chirkov (UN8GC) will be joined by others on the expedition. They plan to work 80 to 10 m CW/SSB and Digimode.

Kulsajsky Lakes are made up of three mountain lakes connected by the river Kulsaj. The first Kulsajsky lake is the largest of the three. It is at height of about 1800 metres. The second Kulsajsky lake is at height of 2400 metres. The third small Kulsajsky lake is in immediate proximity to a snow area. The height above sea level about 2700 m. The Big Almaty lake is a water basin formed by a dam on the river Big Almatinka. It is the basic source of water for the city of Alma-Ata.

Photographs of the area on the web show it is an area of stunning natural beauty. I wish them ever success and envy them somewhat.

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