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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Alternative Q-Codes

In a post at QRZ.com Ron AE5NO says that after more than a year on various two-metre repeaters in his local area, that some additional Q signals are needed to facilitate repeater use.

According to old instruction manuals Q-Codes should not normally be used in radiotelephone procedure. Instead, the operating information will be conveyed by concise phrases. But what the heck? This has always been a fun game over the years. My favourite was always QBA - My antenna is BIG! QBA? - How big is your antenna?

There is a good list here... http://www.zerobeat.net/qrp/missingq.html

These are the ones Ron suggested would be handy to have:

QWK Going to work,
QBQ Know a good BBQ place?
QCF Going for coffee
QGA Stopping for gas
QBR I need a beer
QHO Headed for home
QTF Traffic is bad
QHD Going to Home Depot
QXL Picking up the XYL
QKD Picking up kids
QLT I’m late!
QTO On the way to breakfast
QDT Done That
QBT Been there
QDW That Doesn’t Work
QWW That Won’t Work

…and best of all IMHO
QIX The XYL is in the car. Don’t mention anything I just bought

The list has been growing Mark K8MHZ suggests:

QQQ Stuttering John is on Howard Stern right now
QCP Call me on my cell phone (I'll call you on your cell phone)
QFQ Am I full quieting? (You are full quieting)
QIF Can you hear me on the input frequency? (I can hear you on the input frequency)
QWN Do I have wind noise? (You have wind noise)
QAW Do you hear alternator whine? (I hear alternator whine)
QIN Do you hear ignition noise? (I hear ignition noise)
QFB Are you on Facebook? (I am on Facebook)
QWD Operating While Drunk

John WA8LGM is a man after my own heart when he suggests “How about?”

QWB: I've got a six-pack. Do you have any beer?
QGS: I've got Guinness Stout here! You got any Guinness Stout there?
QJF: nope, just Foster's. No real beer.

Jason N8XE added:

QCK: Is your cat sleeping on the keyer? (My cat is sleeping on the keyer)

Heath KE5FRF threw in the excellent:

QVC: I'm sitting in the parking lot at the mall while my wife shops for cheap jewellery

I am sure the list will grow so visit the tread on QRZ.com here.

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  1. Then there's the old CW abbreviation

    QLF - Are you sending with your left foot?