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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Open Couch Potato

If I don't post on this blog for a few days I start getting emails and comments when I am on the air, which I guess shows that people are reading what I have to say. I enjoy writing and as I grow older I find more and more things to bitch about. The blog allows me to 'get it out of my system', but that does not stop me being a grumpy old man on the air with my fellow grumpy old men. If we did not have something to moan about what would we do.

Recently my work pattern has been thrown in to a spin due to some serious shut down maintenance and life has been incredibly complicated. Add to that digging a big hole for the ground post of a Tennamast I bought and I have not been on the air much. It is quite often the conversations I have on air that are the inspiration for what goes in to the blog and I so the few times I have had chance to post I have had little to say. When there is something interesting happening I like to either get in there first or put my own spin on a story so recently I have been letting interesting stories slip by because some other blogger already said what I was going to say or I have been too brain dead from work to come up with a different angle.

Hopefully I am coming out of the mad time in to a period of calm and the posting will be more regular. Having said that the holidays are coming and right now I am off to watch the Open golf from St. Andrew's. Although I do hope to work some SOTA stations this weekend my main plan of action (if you can call it that) is to slump on the sofa and watch the best golfers in the world play the worst the Scottish weather can throw at them on the hallowed ground that is the Old Course. I have played the Old Course and I can still recall the shivers I felt running up and down my spine all the way round and the almost magical draw the Swilcan Bridge. If I could have bottled the way I felt it would have been an illegal narcotic. It was a sort of pilgrimage and an almost religious experience. I haven't played golf for a few years but I still like to watch the majors on TV. So apologies if I have not been posting a regularly as I would wish and sorry but for the next couple of days both the radio and the blog are going to take a back seat.

Back soon.

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