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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wouxun KG-UVD1P/L 2m/4m Full Dual Band Handie

These days I tend to be quite up to date on what is happening in the world of amateur radio mainly because I constantly am on the prowl for something to write about, so when Radcom (the Radio Society of Great Britain's magazine) drops through my door it is usually yesterday's news.  The June issue had a little surprise for me however because on page 15 I saw the words 'Wouxun handy with 70 & 144MHz' and over on the back page a full page colour advertisement from Martin Lynch and Sons announcing the KG-UVD1P/L. I had heard rumours of this rig but had put them down to an April Fools joke that arrived too late. It seemed almost too unlikely to be possible and for those sceptics amongst us the doctored photograph used in the advert tells me that (at least the time of the photograph) M&S did not have one in their sticky palms. The tell tales in the image is that the seven is not consistent with the seven on the other Wouxuns and both bands are selected at the same time as shown by the arrows.

I searched the Internet and there was nothing at all about this rig even from the Wouxun web site. So all the data shown is from the ML&S advertisement.

Wouxun KG-UVD1P/L 2m/4m Full Dual Band Handie!

Main Features:
  • Frequency Range: 66-88 MHz (4m) & 136-174 MHz (2m) RX/TX
  • Work Mode:VL-V or V-V or VL-VL can be set freely
  • SOS Function
  • 1750Hz tone
  • DTMF Encoding Function
  • CTCSS/DCS Scan(Digital/Analog)
  • Bright Flashlight Illumination
  • Band Can Be Set Freely on The Same Channel VHF TX-UHF RX or UHF TX-VHF RX
  • Output power  5W
  • English Voice Guide
  • FM Radio (76-108 MHz RX)
  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection(25khz/12.5khz)
  • Priority Scan, Add Scanning Channel
  • High/Low Power Selection
  • Channel Name Edit and Display
  • 50 Groups CTSS/105Groups DCS
  • Multi Step Frequency:(5K/6.25K/10K/25K/50K/100K)
  • Multi Scan
  • VOX Transmission
  • Transmit Overtime Voice Prompt
  • Begin/End Transmitting BEEP Prompt
  • Auto/Manual Keypad Lock
  • Wire Clone, Programmable By Computer
  • Stopwatch Function
  • Low Voltage VOICE prompt
  • Busy Channel Lockout
The supplied accessories are: 1.3Ah LI-ion battery pack, Base charger with mains transformer and 12V leads, Belt clip, Dual band antenna, Wrist strap and Handbook.
    Available from Martin Lynch & Sons from end June 2011, taking orders now. Please note your card will not be debited until stock arrives. Price (Inc VAT at 20%): £99.95


    Personally I need another handy like a hole in the head but I am biting my lip trying not to pick up the telephone and order a couple. Will I resist the temptation? Watch this space!

    PS: I faked my photograph too.

    Update: from Martin Lynch via Twitter 1400 1/6/2011: "Wouxun KG-UVD1P/L 2m/4m Full Dual Band - Over 300 Orders placed Already"

    Update 3/6/11: I have ordered mine from ML&S. Estimated time of stock arrival: 5 weeks


    1. Ohh,
      shades of the Emperors clothes...(methinks)
      what a wonderful suit of clothes he has
      the best I,ve ever seen .....!!!

      I think I will wait till 1 is actually in my hot sweaty little hand... as and when !!

      ayy 2 brut ayy
      (as they say up in the north ..!!)

    2. 300 orders? Blimey! Looks like 4m FM is going to become quite popular then. It's a shame more use isn't made of 6m for local nattering.

    3. go on, you know you want two !!

    4. 301 just ordered one but had to bite my lip as I really wanted to order two. Helen opted for a Kindle ebook reader instead.

    5. Didn,t know KINDLE operated on 2 meters or 4 meters...!!!

    6. Difficult init! Long over due ..... trouble is I am ankle deep in 4m PMR Mobiles and 4m Handies..... well sort of.

      Trouble with Kindle is good idea, poor implimentation ... not colour, they pack-up easily even with the £25 stiff cover, and the buttons are too small and wrong shape to operate reliably....... and worst of all, after the lack of reliability is if used like my dear wife used it the letters on the keys rub off within four months then it becomes usless. Ours packed up at the time the keys became un-readable. I sent a shopping list of product improvement to the CEO in the States and he never had the courtesy to reply thanking me for a free field trial report....... ho hum.

    7. Still waiting for the Wouxun but Helen seems very happy with her Kindle. In my mind it seems to be more tacky than I expected we will just have to see how it lasts. I like the idea of having my entire library in my pocket and it is a darn sight easier on the eyes than a computer screen. By the feel of it maybe it should be nearer £25 than £150 maybe the next generation will answer some of your issues. There is a problem with the USB cable too in the plastic insulation is too brittle and breaks after 12-18 months, not much of an issue here though as it is still in the box. We have loads of those type of cables so no sleep lost here.

    8. Kim G8GRL
      Received in post today.Work ok on both bands.The best way to input things is via software as key pad right pain.

    9. I got mine too there when I came in from work. A quick contact while sat at my PC with a pal who I could not hear on a rig with an outside antenna says something. Maybe that my antenna is crap, but it does seem better than either the 4m only Wouxun or the 2m/70cm version. The somewhat better RX possibly due to the antenna, which is longer than either of those on the other two rigs. Charger seems to be a better build quality too. I am happy so far.

    10. Steve is it possible to connect one of these handhelds to a slim-jim type antenna when at home for improved reception? What kind of adapters would be required? Can you advise - just starting to study for my foundation at the moment and this is the ideal starter for me I think - it's cheap anyway!

    11. It is possible to connect the rig to a base or mobile antenna. The antenna connection is a reverse SMA (opposite way around to most of the Japanese manufactures) and the adapters are now fairly cheap easy to buy off dealers and ebay. When I got my first Wouxun it was a bit different and we had a what the heck is this moment. You can buy different adapters but I would stick with an SMA/BNC as an SMA to PL or N type would put too much strain on the socket. Slim Jims are cheap and easy and fun to make.