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Monday, 27 June 2011

UK RAE Exams - No Change

Despite rumours to the contrary, Alan Betts has confirmed that the Advanced (or any of the exams for that matter) are NOT about to be made tougher. So if anyone says anything to the contrary tell them it ain't so.

Sorry for the lack of posts here of late. Another case of life's little hiccups getting in the way of life. Not that I have had much to write about, my last planned SOTA outings got cancelled due to persistent rain and I was all set up for the RSGB's 80 metre SSB club contest when I was told I was moving boxes for my son Adam 2W0DPI was has moved back home for a while. My brother recently was in a serious condition in hospital and now we are worried sick about my eldest son James' fiance who has been rushed in to hospital. It always seems to rain but just lately it is the monsoon season in our lives. Lots of upheaval at work too has kept me busy.

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  1. hope its gets back to normal soon in life been there before never a easy thing.