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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Special GR callsigns - Count me out!

So somebody decided that radio amateurs in the UK needed a special callsign for the Royal Wedding. Now why on Earth would I be even remotely interested in that particular event? I don't remember a special call being issued when I got married. Who the heck gives a monkey's about the two over pampered inbreds anyway?

It is not that I particularly have any objection to the monarchy per say. It is just that I don't give a damn about them in the same way I am totally underwhelmed by the British newspaper's fascination with the plastic Barbie doll formerly called Jordan or for that matter the Olympic Games coming to the UK.

I have been pressurised by some of my fellow amateurs who have sad things like "Go on the air with your GR prefix and you'll need a big stick to beat off the pileups that these odd prefixes generate. Go on the air as a GW and you'll be left alone." The problem is as I see it if I apply for an R prefix it signifies my approval of what I see as an un-necessary fuss and complete waste of public money. Heck we even have an extra days holiday, how much is that costing our economy?  When the Royal divorce, that will inevitably follow, happens will we be able to apply for a special prefix then?  Let's just hope they don't decide to knock Kate off the way they did with the best thing to happen to the Royal Family in years.

If you think I am just being a grump you can apply for a GR, MR or 2ER call prefix by filling in the simple form on the OFCOM website. You will be informed by email when your application has been processed.


  1. The last royal wedding that had any charm was Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly. We were much more innocent back then and it did seem to be a fairy tale event. So long ago and the offspring such a total disaster.

  2. Actually old chap one has to apply to the
    Royal. Surrey. Gas. Board. (the R S G B )to you lesser mortals.
    The RSGB has taken it upon themselves to force themselves to be the first and only point of contact that has access to Ofcom, and thereby "filter out "any and all Un-desirables that them deam unfit to proclaim the change in your call sign .

    I wonder if "they" had the idea of chargeing people for the privalage of same ...

    For everything else there is MASTERCARD...!!!!
    only 40,999 to go ...!!!

  3. question: how many people will be applying?
    answer: quite a lot probably
    question: what if you use the extra letter without applying for the NOV, who will know?
    answer: ???

  4. Absolutely, couldn't agree more :-) Excellent post!