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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bigger, Better, Faster - eQSL

eQSL has migrated to a new faster server. The new system feature a dual processor, quad-core 64-bit processors with up to 24GB of memory with 1.5TB of mirrored and striped (RAID10) hard disk array. Screens that formerly took several minutes to display now only take a few seconds to load.

The users seem to be impressed with plenty of good comments being heard and read. One of the complaints about eQSL in the past has been its speed and it was often stated as a reason why some people prefered Log Book of World. No such worries anymore, which is just as well due to the approaching competition from QRZ's QSL system. The big question must be do we need so many on-line logging systems?

The transfer to the new server has not been totally straight forward however and you can read the trials and tribulations of the team at http://eqslcc.blogspot.com/ , which will be where you will be able to find out of any service outages or up-grades to eQSL in future.


  1. I think the question is not whether we need so many online logging systems but whether we would be better off with one. Monopolies are usually bad - you have to take what they offer or lump it.

  2. Ahh E-QSL ..... what a wonderful means of confirming a contact, is this really what Amateur radio has become ,what has happened to the traditional qsl card , but has it not become a victim of its own success sit down login to the computer,bring up a separate window for the control of the radio ,logbook, antenna rotator,e-qsl,psk31,sstv,e-qso,echolink,cq100, very soon all that will be left is the ability to turn a switch on (maybe not even that set the timer on the wall as well) the computer will track the signal via dx summit turn the rotator, log the contact send an E-QSL automatically check what countries you have worked send off for the relevant award without even being there.Claim all the awards, nothing is relevant any more, as all it is 1 computer talking to another no huemons need attend ....
    now where is the Morse key...damn the computer can send that better than I can, and receive it better as well

    The B. O. F. of North Wales