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Thursday, 3 June 2010

DAB - The Big Fuzzy Flop

Peter Hitchens is one of those caustic commentators who's column in the Mail or in this case the Mail on Sunday is like Bovril. You either love it or hate it. However it is the sort of writing I don't think you can ignore. Let us hope those that matter don't ignore his little piece about DAB radio entitled 'Oily Fry and a great big fuzzy flop...' it is about halfway down this post on his blog.

He has a little dig at Stephen Fry and then goes on to say that the BBC’s favourite voice is actively promoting the nasty scheme to make us all scrap our perfectly good radio sets and embrace digital broadcasting.

Now, Mr Fry is so busy presenting every programme on BBC Radio and TV that he probably never listens to the wireless, and so doesn’t know what the rest of us know – that digital sound broadcasting is a great big fuzzy, unreliable flop. And if everybody keeps their FM sets, we may yet defeat this scheme.

Well said Mr Hitchen!

Unlike Peter Hitchens I am still a fan of Stephen Fry, his intelligent quick wit, and pseudo Oscar Wild persona, but he needs to wake up and smell the coffee with regard to the big fuzzy, unreliable flop called DAB.


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  1. I agree. DAB, like D-Star, is another example of technologists inventing a better wheel when everyone is still perfectly happy with the old one.