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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The RSARS - Professional Amateurs

The advertisement for the British Army used to say "Join the professionals" well some of those professionals and ex professionals happen to be amateurs and thanks to them I just lost a good couple of hours over on the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society site. RSARS have added a section they call an e-Library and the sub-section entitled HF ANTENNAS and PROJECTS is a little cracker. I cannot say I came across anything I had not seen before but the quality of the PDF format documents leaves those on most amateur radio sites looking distinctly shabby. It is a real spit and polish job not just a gloss over and I give whom ever did all the work ten out of ten. One small niggle was a broken link to '20m helically wound MOBILE ANTENNA - EA5AVL' but over all a job well done. A note at the bottom of the page says that more items will be added shortly, I sincerely hope this is true. If these articles were printed and bound together they would make a nice booklet, which would I probably buy, but they are free to download and therefore a brilliant resource for anyone interested in making antennas like myself.

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  1. I admit to mixed feelings over the use of PDF files for information on the web. Sure, they look better than HTML pages. But when you are scanning through a bunch of search results trying to filter the useful from the not very relevant it is a pain to wait for the damn things to load. Google's "View as HTML" option is useless as it omits all the pictures and diagrams.