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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Seventy MHz US

Good luck to our US friends who have started to petition the FCC to get an allocation on 4m. The migration of broadcast television from analogue to digital has made this possible, but no doubt there will be stiff competition for the band width.

It would probably be a big advantage to those outside the US if they get an allocation that matches that of the majority of countries already on the band, because the large US market will encourage amateur radio manufacturers to include rigs with 70MHz in their line up.

Details of the petition to the FCC can be seen at 70mhz.org and QRZ.com

Over at Southgate ARC news this strange quote had me wondering...
"Essex radio amateur Justin G0KSC will be visiting William AA4XT to install an antenna for 4 metres."
So there is no-one in America who can put up an antenna for 70MHz and they need to fly in someone from the UK. Nice work if you can get it I guess. Enjoy the trip Justin!

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