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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Who has the biggest DX?

Over at the DX World of Ham Radio it is time to vote for your choice as to the best DX peditions of 2009. You can vote for up to three from a randomised list here.

The one that grabbed my attention was K4M Midway Atol but as I never managed to work any of those listed I will not be voting. Sure I heard quite a few of those in the running but my 100 watts to a wire at 30 feet never cracked the kilo-watts to a seven element beam on the tower at 300 feet boys. It is a pity these great opportunities to work somewhere rare usually turn in to a free-for-all peeing contest. For me a good expedition is one where the calls are managed numerically, alphabetically or by zones. Calling occasionally for QRP marks you almost for sainthood in my book.

"Na na na na. Look my DX is bigger than yours!"

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