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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

IC-9100 - Object of desire

Icom have released the prototype IC-9100 Base Station to the public at the 2009 Tokyo Show and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. The IC-9100 is a HF/50MHz, VHF/UHF base-station transceiver with optional D-Star capability and extra 1200MHz coverage. To see the rig full size click on the image.

Basic details about its features and options have been made available on a Pre-release product information sheet. The IC-9100 Pre-release information can be downloaded here

I have been after an IC 7400 for HF and a IC-910X for 2m/70&23cms for some time now but now it looks like I should wait and go for a couple of these. It does not really solve all my issues because I normally monitor up to ten bands (so maybe five of these would do) and two or three modes (discount if I buy ten?), but it certainly does most of what I want.

The addition of a USB port for computer aided transmission and data modes does away with those expensive data cables, but I ask myself "Why has this been so long coming?".

Now if Icom would like me to do a review of the radio (or any radio) on this site they can send the rig to me for evaluation at my address on QRZ or in the callbook. We can all dream!

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