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Monday, 9 May 2011

East to West - Holy Island to Hilbre

It has come to my notice that some likely lads from Merseyside and West Lancs are due to activate Lindisfarne (Holy) Island EU120 next weekend  Kev Haworth, M0TNX, Paul Scarratt, G0WRE and Ricky Knowles, G0LZX will use the callsign GB0HI (Holy Island). They will be active on 40,30,20,17 and 15 metres on SSB, Data and CW from 0500 UTC on the 14th of May until 0500 on the 15th May. If conditions make it worthwhile they may operate 6m as well.

Well I wish them every success in this endevour but when I tried to activate Lindisfarne (Holy) Island EU120 I could not generate any interest at all. The GB call will probably make all the difference but an island you can drive to did not seem to be exotic enough and I worked a handful of friends.

The same mob are at it again on the weekend of 20-22nd May this time from Hilbre Island with the call GB2HI on the same bands. In this case they say 6 and 2 metres are also possible.

Possible! I am sure at least one operator on 2m could generate enough interest on FM and SSB to make it worthwhile operating the band all day. This is due to the high numbers of amateurs from Wirral, Wales and the Lancashire coast who will have almost a direct sea path.

In their press release (as seen at Southgate ARC Newsline) they say the Island has not been activated for 10 years. Strange that because I have it in my log several times during the last seven years and I know at least one radio amateur who regularly walks across at low tide to bird watch and is never seen without his dual band handheld. Likewise I know another amateur who regularly canoes out to the island with his waterproof floating 2m rig for company. I also seem to recall that I have worked Hilbre during Lighthouses week in the past couple of years. Maybe Hilbre is not as rare as they would like people to think, not that it would put me off giving them a call.

So good luck to them. If you hear GB0HI or GB2HI call in and say "Hi!" or you could just pop over and say hello. If you do then be sure to consult the tide tables as the RAF rescue helicopter pilot from Valley is busy keeping his Princess happy by eating his Waitrose own brand rice pudding and does not need any call outs.


  1. why didnt you post my response??

  2. Because A: You have to allow me time to read and approve your comments. This is done so as to avoid spam.

    and B: Because you posted your comments on the WordPress version of the Blog here http://cqhq.wordpress.com not on the Blogger version here http://www.cqhq.co.uk

    See the WordPress version for my reply.

  3. Well I wish them every success in this endevour but when I tried to activate Lindisfarne (Holy) Island EU120 I could not generate any interest at all.

    Did your signal get out? If heard, this tends to generate interest :P


    Col, MM0NDX

  4. Hohohoho.

    What a complete nob our Ricky is! How thick can you be to post a comment on one website and then look on another and wonder why it hadn't appeared. There again, from past experience I always knew Ricky was as sharp as a bowling ball.

    Ricky goes on about damaging amateur radio... he must have forgotten what he used to get up to when he was part of the RGB nodes in the Liverpool area in the mid-90s. I'd forgotten about him till I read the crap he wrote. I'm just chatting to some old and lost contacts who knew him back then. Suffice to say the RGB nodes ran on packet and were a deliberate and concerted effort to disrupt the operations of one BBS sysop they didn't get on with. Went on for a few years, anything to needle the guy. Ricky was the R in RGB ;-)

    Now he masquerades as a big DXer. But we all remember him as a nob.

  5. The warden for Hilbre Island used to be Dave Kavannagh who recently moved on from this job. He was very pro amateur ops from Hilbre as long as people used wires not beams. The previous warden was a woman who hated amateurs and used to stop all activity.

    Paul G0WRE set up a beam the last time there, 10 years ago. The warden went spare and Paul and the others with him (not G0LZX and this lot) were banned *PERMANENTLY* from operating on Hilbe.

    The reason for the 10 year delay is that is how long Paul has been waiting for the warden to leave so he can sneak out.

    You heard it first from me!

  6. ha ha anonymous didn't have the bottle to post his callsign if he has one ha ha and if all you remember was his nob then i'm afraid you got real problems ha ha and i think you'll find it was the 1980's and he did have a NOV for GB7ZX too

    as far as i'm aware they had a great weekend and worked over 1000 contacts in the short time they had on holy island , at least they got off their arses to do something rather than having people having put something up theirs :-)

  7. This 'anonymous' guy above. You don't have a clue mate. I suggest you get your facts right before you start throwing random accusations out, alright?

  8. Dam you like to talk shit mr Anonymous, hiding behind a blank canvas, why don't let us all know who you are,
    It seems that some people suffer from being jealous,
    Good on you Ricky and Co for trying to do what this prat failed to do,

    MW0VVO said that

  9. That is what I like to see. The amateur radio spirit in full flow. Please play nicely folks, I am supposed to be the one who stirs things up on here.

    I don't know Ricky or the team and I don't wish to upset them any more than I unintentionally did, so I have deleted several more provocative posts. All I can say is they seem to have generated as many enemies as friends over the years. Maybe it is a case of Scousers you either love them or hate them!

    Police cordoned off Liverpool city centre this morning when a suspicious object was found in a car. It later turned out to be a tax disk.