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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dayton - Smells like the ham spirit

The flea market section of the world famous Ham Radio extravaganva known as the Dayton Hamvention was disrupted Saturday when a sewer line ruptured. Vendors were quickly moved to another area and a crew moved in to clean up the area shortly after.

One vistor told me "The flea market was impressive and there was no shortage of s##t to buy." Another told me "The smell was a bit of a problem, but no worse than the delicate aroma of armpit that can make your eyes sting in the more crowded sections."

By the way Elecraft have the KX3 on display at the show, which looks very interesting. G4ILO's blog has a link to a video which I can't access just at the moment, but should be worth a look.

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