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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Icom IC-9100 £2,999.00

It has finally arrived in the stores! The ham radio dream machine the Icom IC-9100 is available at all the major dealers at a price designed to keep it a dream. At a best 'introductory' price of £2,999.00 for the basic model it is double what I think is a fair price and then there are the extras.

The Icom IC-9100HX which includes 23cm's is around £3499.95 and the list price is £3622.99.
If you want D-Star without 23cms the IC-9100 D-STAR is £3099.95 and that lists at £3176.20.
For the fully loaded IC-9100HX D-STAR is £3599.95 with a list price £3797.89.

This makes it one of those radios where travelling to the US or Asia to pick one up is actually cheaper than getting it from a UK dealer. If you really want one now, do not delay as although all the dealers have them there are limited stocks and at that price it might just be the last batch. All I can hope for is that it sells like hot cakes and I can pick up a IC-910X and IC-7400 as folk ditch them for the new toy.



  1. Think I'll stick with my $600 FT-817 and $400 used SG-2020ADSP2.

    Superb radio, no doubt, but economic times are too rough for me now, living on a small pension.

    Now, if I were a 30-something stock-trader!!!!

    73 Dick N2UGB

  2. WOW ....!!!! heart attack alley Icom uk /The "Gang of Five " must have a lot of rich customers the price of the Icom 9100 price not only beggars belief but sets new parameters for stupidity...
    even if you buy from the United States at full Retail Prices (which all the retailers never do...!) add the vat plus postage you get nowhere near these prices, do the math $1.61 to the £.......

    Come on U.K Amateurs wake up and smell the coffee /tea your being taken for a bigger ride than the roller coaster ride at BLACKPOOL..

    but I,am sure there will be some people out there that will pay the "must have price" of today loads of "Wonga Amateurs "

    I must admit I have been saving a little and sold a rig or two to add some coffers to the 9100 fund BUT i was expecting to pay 2.5k(all this for a monochrome display ..!!!) not anymore ....
    Going to spend the money on a cruise and hob nob it up with the pseudo rich might try my luck on the tables of monte carlo (the olny way I will be able to afford a Icom 9100..) and say yaaah yaaah (might even meet the "gang of five " spending all that loverly "Wonga" ripped from the grasp of the UK Amateurs, buying all the new 9100,s..........
    I think not GREED... YOU AIN,T SEEN NOTHING YET ..!!!