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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Icom IC-7600GE - A rig for billionaires

Are you someone who thinks most of the Amateur Radio producers have lost the plot? Don't have nearly £4,000 for a fully loaded Icom IC-9100 or 7600? Then you won't be interested in the IC-7800 at nearly £8,000. You certainly will not be interested in the GE or gold editions of the Icom range of rigs. Suitable for your Saudi Prince or Billionaire if you need to ask the price you certainly cannot afford one. Gold plated with solid gold knobs and inset with real diamonds these rigs are individually customised to your personal requirements. The very existence of these radios has until now been only known to a select clientèle, but we at CQHQ have had a sneak peak at a IC-7600GE ready to ship to the Middle East. Here is the only known picture of one of the most expensive ham radios on sale today. Yes that is a huge diamond in the tuning knob and smaller diamonds around the volume, RF gain etc.


  1. Hi Steve, it looks like a Kaddafi play toy... hi.

  2. Hi Steve, let's see how many people fall for this before mid day tomorrow lol, Regards Joe and Bernadette

  3. I do trust it is 22 carat Gold,
    None of the cheap 9 caratGold,
    & proper Diamonds not paste ...!!

    2 please, got to have a pair of them
    as 2 are worth more than a single anyway ...!!!

    What next platinum 16 element step-ir ???
    gold coax with arrows on it to show the RF which direction to travel .???
    where is the wife,s CREDIT CARD ...

  4. almost as good as Taxing you for in-coming E-Mails.......

    Must be a vote winner that ....

    Now all we need is someone to stand for Parliament, and Knock a £1 of a liter of desil/petrol , they will win by such a landslide !!

  5. I assume that if you have to ask the price then you can't afford one.

    Maybe I can put it on my company CC?

  6. I'd start saving for one but I understand it is a limited time offer that expires at mid-day today.

    OR THE LITER OF PETROL .....????


  8. OR 30,147.O5 LITERS OF PETROL FOR £41,000.00P

    (@£1.36PPL )!!!!!!

  9. The price is of course £41,000 payable over four years in four charges equal to you RSGB Mastercard.

    Happy April Fools day!

    My thanks to my son Adam 2W0DPI for the bling job. Adam is a graphic artist who describes his job as mainly taking fat people out of photographs to go in holiday brochures.