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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Icom 9100 Pricing

The Icom 9100 shack in a box ham radio is due in the shops any day now and at least one big American dealer is taking orders. Ham Radio Outlet has the rig listed at a disappointing $3,795.95, which at current exchange rates is £2,375. What is even more disapointing is that is is not even a fully loaded price and it does not come with the IC-UX9100 23cms unit which is another $649.95 or the UT-121 D-Star digital unit at $219.95. Add the auto tuner, speaker, base mic and roofing filters and most of us will have to go back to dreaming. I am pretty sure the UK price will once again prove this is rip off Britian and more of these will find their way in to the UK via suitcases than are actually sold by the dealers. It should be by rights £2,375 but if it is less than £3,500 here I will be most surprised.

For now I can only hope that there is a sudden glut of IC-7400s and IC-910Xs going cheap as those that can afford to up-grade or that Icom will send me a sample to review. As I say we can all dream!

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