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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

IC-7410 released in US

The new IC-7410 amateur radio transceiver has been released in the US and is already being hailed as a winner. In many ways this new mid-priced rig out performs its more expensive predecessors. A lot of it is due to faster processors such as the one in the DSP unit which is 20 times as fast as the one in the 746PRO.

In an email I recieved yesterday from one of our major UK dealers the UK stock will not be far behind with the long awaited IC-9100 also expected. Added to the persistant rumour that the dual band mobile Wouxun KG-UV920R may be in the shops soon, the next eight weekscould be an exciting time for new radios. If all that is true what will we have to look forward to? A further rumour on the Wouxun is that pending FCC approval is all that is holding up their release.

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