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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Free SVLand iPhone App

SVLand is an iPhone app developed by Christos Papathanasiou SW1NJX to help radio amateurs find their way around the VHF and UHF repeaters within Greece. When loaded, this simple app presents you with a map of Greece and pinpoints of the most important repeaters. When a GPS fix is available , the known blue dot shows your current location. Then you can zoom in and tap a repeater to see its details (Name, Frequency, Offset and squelch Tone).

You can download the app for FREE Here

You can read about it on the authors own blog can be seen Here

The only downside I can see is that roaming charges for smart phones such as the iPhone can be very high if you are thinking of taking yours on holiday to Greece. I am also told that activity on Greek repeaters can be scarce. This information was imparted to by two people one of whom is Greek and holds a Greek licence. The other spends two weeks in the country every year and says he has managed only one QSO in the last eight years and that was with a UK holiday maker who only lives 20 miles from his home QTH in England. Maybe this new app will breath new life in to the Greek repeater network. A good job by Christos if it does.

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  1. Hello there ham friends. Thank you for your kind comments. I m running an update for my app as the repeater network is much bigger than you see in my app and many people asked for more.
    I m also in putting a grid readout and azimuth reading. Hope you enjoy your ham activity in Greece.
    73 de SW1NJX Christos