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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tropo Forceasting

Amateur radio needs great tools like this - William Hepburn's Tropospheric Ducting Forecast

I had never heard of it until I read about it on Tim Kirby G4VXE's blog but it is useful and in a simple to understand format. Tim says...

About a week or so, I got an e-mail from Matty, MD0MAN drawing my attention to some propagation forecasting websites. One that I hadn't come across before, though somewhere at the back of my mind, I think I've heard it mentioned, is William Hepburn's Tropospheric Ducting Forecast site. The site allows you to select the area of the globe that you're in - so in my case, I selected the North West Europe page but if you're in North America, this is your map

So many thanks to both Tim and Matty for drawing our attention to it. There is more to explore at http://www.dxinfocentre.com/index.html so thanks also to William for putting it all on the web.


  1. Hi Steve, yes I use it for a few years now, very helpful, and I know when I have to check 2 or 70 cm for DX on those bands. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Steve - glad you liked the link - it's really good. What's going to be fascinating is to see how accurate it is.

    Certainly yesterday and this morning, there was a hint of slightly enhanced conditions to the south and west of me, borne out by the maps..

    Will be interesting to keep an eye on it in the weeks and months ahead.