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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Review of MyDEL AT-5189 4m Mobile Delayed

It seems I may have shot my self in the foot when it comes to MyDEL AT-5189 4m Amateur radio. No sooner as I had seen these rigs on sale via the Martin Lynch website than I posted about them on here. Maybe I should of kept my mouth shut. I just received an email from Lynch’s which says; “Unfortunately this item has sold out and we do not have a lead time for the next delivery.”, Oh dear! I guess I should learn my lesson. I often hear a SOTA station and put a spot for them on SOTAWatch before I get to work them. Occasionally this backfires and fail to get through the resultant pile up before they go QRT or their batteries die. Maybe I should be more selfish but I don’t think that is going to happen. I will just have to wait , but I can take comfort in the thought that maybe my post had something to do with them selling out, this blog has quite a few readers now.

If anyone out there has bought one of these rigs I would be interested in your findings. Please email your review to mycall at gmail dot com (do the usual) and I can get something on the blog.


  1. Just received the Anytone badged 5189. Comments so far:
    1) On 'high' power only gives 20 W (9 W on 'mid', 5 W on 'low'- using
    Bird Power Meter).
    SWR to a 1/4
    wave whip on the car is 1.1:1 and have tried different cable lengths
    but with no appreciable difference.

    2) It's possible to confuse the software if you are a littele ham-
    fisted (is this where the phrase came from?) when programming it, but
    'factory reset' saves the day.

    No activity on 4 down here in Exmouth but will try next week in the
    Frome area.

    G8CQR 8 Jan 2011

  2. Shame it does not offer SSB, there is plenty of interest down that end of the band country wide.

    Ah well I'll stick with my homebrew transverter.